How to make a shirt fit

The Not So Slim Fit

Don’t you find that off the rack slim fit clothes has no consistency and each measurement is different? Sometimes too tight and uncomfortable or others are just not fitted enough. This is a problem when buying a shirt and looking at how to make a shirt fit.

So when I buy a shirt I approach with caution. In this post I am going to highlight some of the issues we have with shirts that fit and how to make a shirt fit to look our absolute best.

No More Loose Fit – This is 2018!

How to make a shirt fit, poorly fitting shirts are no more

As many of you I’m a regular shirt wearer, I always wear an extra slim fit shirt and tie to the office. Sure, I like to accessorise with a tie pin and change my tie combinations, but my shirts are relaxed. The labels say “extra slim fit” or “super slim fit”. But are they?

Due to my broader shoulder’s I find that the shirts just don’t fit my waist properly. Currently, slim fit shirts are designed cut closer to the body, tapering down from chest to waist. But looking at how the off the rack shirts are made; the chest to waist size rises proportionately, this is where the issue lies. The chest sits right, but I have fabric pooling around my waist. These are the only shirts available to us off the rack, so I decided to do some research.

I have spent hours upon hours looking at YouTube videos and menswear blogs to find ways on how to make a shirt fit properly. A few fixes found:

How To Make a Shirt Fit

Tucking in techniques


There is some great advice out there on how you can tuck your shirt in. Checkout GQs instructional video here.



  • Get it right and you have yourself a more tapered look



  • Takes a lot of practice.
  • Works until you stand up or raise your arms up. Then all you are getting is a muffin top.
Tucking In techniques on how to make a shirt fit

Using a Tailor



  • A tailor will dart your shirt in at the waist to give you a perfect fit



  • Costly, you have to not only pay for the shirt but pay for the tailoring services


  • Time consuming – having to go to the tailor, get measured, wait for the item to be returned to you.
How to make a shirt fit, tailor options

Trying a smaller size



  • May give you a more fitted look around the chest and shoulders



  • The shoulder seam will be tighter around the armpit, this will sacrifice comfort in the arms.


  • It’s hard to find the sweet spot between fitted and tight. The last thing you want in your shirt is buttons bursting around the chest and stomach.
How to make a shirt fit

Bear in mind the above are only quick fixes, these aren’t a long term resolution to your problem…..

The TAPERED Solution

Finally, we have solved the problem with off the rack shirts. Whether slim, athletic or muscular, this issue has now been solved with our TAPERED shirts. Designed to sit comfortably on your shoulders and taper sharply down your waist. Crafted with premium stretch material providing you with the ultimate comfort in the arms and shoulders with freedom of movement. The TAPERED shirts reward those who want a fully tailored look.