Mattress Shopping Tips and Advice

If you like a certain mattress and you try to find something similar in another store, chances are you’re going to be directed toward a same-brand mattress that appears to have the same characteristics as your initial choice.

Lie Down

Take a look at the mattress warehouse and start your shortlist. If possible, try to lie down on any mattress you have added to your shortlist. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can easily slip off. Ask the shop assistant to allow you to relax for a while. Don’t rush. Spend at least five minutes on your side, then on your back, or even on your stomach, if this is your favorite sleeping position. Research subjects who were allowed to take mattresses at home to try them for one full month rarely changed their first night opinion. If you prefer to shop online, you won’t be able to try the mattress. In such situations, make sure you check the return policies before you buy.

Check Return Policies

Make sure that the store will offer you a full refund or the opportunity to return the mattress and get another model. The return period, also known as “comfort guarantee,” may range from a few days to three months. Some retailers offer free pickup for refunds or exchanges, but most of them will require you to pay for the shipping or to transport the mattress to the store by yourself.

Try to Negotiate

There’s nothing wrong with trying to get a lower price, once you decide upon the mattress model you would like to buy. Warehouse clubs and other types of businesses have fixed prices, so they won’t accept to offer you a special deal. However, specialty chains and other retailers that accept to negotiate have big mark-ups that allow them to offer as much as 50 percent discount during their sales campaigns.

Our recommendation is to ask the merchant to match the sales price you’ve seen during their latest promotional campaign. Don’t be afraid to walk away if you don’t get the deal you want. Online negotiations may be a bit tougher, but you can still save some money.

Don’t Fall for Buying A Box Spring

If your box spring is still good, there’s no reason why you’d buy another one. If you have a queen size bed, keeping your box spring might save you $150 – $300. Keep in mind, though, that some brands require you to buy their box spring in order to benefit from their full warranty coverage. Foam mattress manufacturers recommend a slatted wood foundation or a platform base for their mattresses.

Carefully Read Your Warranty

The warranty may range anywhere between 10 and 25 years. Sometimes it covers only manufacturing defects. Most of the time, coverage is prorated. This means that the later you make a claim, the lower it will be.

On Delivery Day

Always inspect the mattress before accepting the delivery. Look for stains and other defects, and check the box spring (if you’ve bought one with your mattress). Seek for the label that states “all-new material” before you let the driver go. If there’s no label, reject the mattress. Should you notice any issues, take some photos with your smartphone and contact the customer service right away.